Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA), is gearing up to host its 40th Annual soccer tournament at, Wylie ISD Stadium, in Texas. Wylie ISD Stadium is home to the Wylie Pirates, a High School stadium that has a total capacity of 10,500. This family-friendly festival is scheduled from July 2nd – July 8th and is set to be a scorcher. 

This year’s special honorees include: Bekeri Adem, a former/retired midfield player for the Ethiopian national soccer team; Eshetu Tura a retired long-distance runner who won a bronze medal in the 1980 Olympics, 3000 meters steeplechase, and Loza Abera who plays as a forward for the Women’s Premier League – the Ethiopian National Soccer team. 

Since ESFNAs establishment in 1984 as a non-profit, its commitment to promoting Ethiopian culture by building a positive environment for the participants and attendees has not wavered. The organizers continue to foster an environment whereby sportsmanship, community, and business-related connections can strive. The soccer teams are organized by state where they practice throughout the year and compete in the tournament for the Gold Cup. The previous top three cup winners are D.C. Ethio-Stars, Ethio L.A. Stars, and Ethio-Atlanta. Last year’s cup winner was the DC St. Michael team. Who will be this year’s winners? call your shot by tagging @MosebTimes on IG. 

The event is projected to attract 30-40,000 persons to the area including people from the local area, across the nation, Canada, Ethiopia, and Europe. Abiye Nurilenge, president of ESFNA announced that they have partnered with three city hotels to accommodate some of the festival attendees who may require lodging and other travel-related services. The event is expected to garner millions of dollars in potential revenue for the local economy, according to a statement given by Ato. Abiye during the Wylie council meeting.

The vendor registration was opened to businesses and nonprofits on May 15th but has since closed. Attendees are encouraged to secure their weekly or 3-day passes at a discounted rate, based on availability. In addition to the official concerts and shows on Ethiopia Day that are scheduled on the opening day and closing day at the stadium, there are concerts and live performances in the Dallas area scheduled for the entire week.  

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